Potential Speaker Application

The Gulf Coast MGMA is eager to identify knowledgeable, unbiased experts on a variety of current, pertinent healthcare topics of interest to its members, who represent a wide range of physician practice specialties, sizes, and scopes.

If you would like us to consider you as a potential speaker to our group, please complete the following information:

Gulf Coast MGMA is unable to endorse any specific product or service. Please note that, if you are chosen to speak, you are thus required to provide a neutral, informative presentation that adheres to this key guideline.

In order to hold member costs as low as possible, Gulf Coast MGMA is likewise eager to engage sponsorships from vendors. Sponsorship at the platinum, gold, silver, and bronze levels allows you to bring your message of your organization’s excellence to our members in a variety of formats. Please visit our webpage, www.gulfcoastmgma.org, and click “Sponsorship Information” on the left hand column to learn the unique benefits of each level of sponsorship. Don’t miss this opportunity to market to a wide variety of medical office professionals. If you let us know who you are and provide contact information, we’ll be glad to follow-up with you!

Likewise, if you know of anyone who wishes to speak or sponsor, please spread the word!

Gulf Coast MGMA appreciates your acknowledgement that speaking and sponsoring are distinct from one another.